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IntuLabs offers the most affordable DICOM viewer online to complement your professional medical and diagnostic services. Our cloud-based DICOM-compliant viewer is device-agnostic and cross-platform-friendly. Based on a simple subscription model, Intulabs allows hospitals, clinics and scan centers to store, view and share clinical images. These images can be accessed from any device or operating system, anytime, anywhere. Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is dramatically cut because you won’t invest in on-premise hardware, thereby slashing your IT costs for dedicated resources. In addition, you will save money by avoiding paper prints or CDs


Caters to a Wide Range of Use Case Scenarios

Our DICOM image viewer is flexible and scalable. Whether you’re a GP, specialist, or superspecialist with a private practice, a small clinic, a nursing home, a scan center, a multi-specialty hospital, or a network of medical care centers, you can use it based on your specific needs. You can also opt to have your own branding on our white label online DICOM viewer, making it an integral part of your service offerings.

  Radiologists I thought it would be more appropriate here as a use case scenario.

can view remotely and prepare/upload diagnostics reports directly to the cloud. For example, a radiologist associated with multiple scan centers can provide their reports from a single location, and such reports will be visible by the respective scan centers. A major benefit of this is that scan centers can be established in remote locations at a lower cost and without the need for in-house radiologists, who are always a high demand.


Enterprise-grade security

Our cloud-based DICOM viewer is hosted on secure servers with built-in redundancies to ensure 99.9% uptime and business continuity contingencies. Backed by the world’s largest cloud service providers, IntuLabs offers enterprise-grade security for patients’ medical records (such as DICOM images, medical reports, treatment, etc.) and related information about the professionals catering to their health and wellness needs. The permission-based access system ensures that only authorized patients and authorized medical professionals can view patient images.


Captures Data and Information from Multiple Sources

Authorized personnel can not only upload relevant information about a patient’s medical condition, such as their scan images and reports but also add their analysis and notes, which will be associated with that patient’s file online and visible to other authorized medical professionals. Our online DICOM viewer is intended to give medical and diagnostics professionals “anytime-anywhere access” to crucial patient information for swift decision-making. Data is only shared within authorized users, thereby preserving the privacy of the patient and their medical and personal information.

How to Use IntuLabs


Process the patient’s CT-scan/MRI scan/x-ray images from internal PACS systems or any type of storage and upload them to IntuLabs cloud on a secure browser page. Our DICOM-compliant system will ensure that they are now securely stored on the cloud and accessible to authorized medical professionals and support staff as well as the patient themselves.

02.View and Analyze

The patient’s digital medical images can be viewed by anyone who has been granted permission, including their primary healthcare provider, a family doctor, or a consulting specialist. The images can be viewed on any device connected to the Internet, thereby making the patient’s online DICOM records easily accessible to primary and secondary healthcare providers regardless of their location or the type of device on which it is being viewed.

Key tools of the Online DICOM Viewer available for image analysis are


Patient records can also be shared with referred doctors using the same text messaging and email system. For example, if a General Physician refers an Orthopaedic Surgeon to a patient, the GP can request that the patient’s pertinent records be shared with the specialist. This helps the patient avoid carrying around bulky folders from one doctor to another, thereby ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of their medical records and making certain that no important document is missed or left out.

About IntuLabs

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

Intulabs - FAQ

Intulabs is a subscription based and is affordable.

No, there is no initial hardware set up cost and it is completely hosted and handled on cloud.

Yes, training and support will be provided to efficiently transition to IntuLabs for existing reports stored locally and for future usage.

Yes, IntuLabs is HIPPA compliant and secured so that only the relevant information can be accessed by the respective parties.

No, there is no loss of quality of the images when uploaded and viewed on IntuLabs.

The doctors can view the images and reports of their patients anywhere, anytime and use the multiple tools on the DICOM compliant viewer while making medical decisions and during surgeries for accuracy. Doctors can also access the history of the patients while studying case studies and in teaching hospitals.

The clinical images are shared to the patients securely via email/SMS and can be accessed anywhere
and everywhere.

Yes, IntuLabs is an online DICOM viewer and needs internet connection because changes in data have to be reflected instantaneously and dynamically auto saved.

IntuLabs aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the healthcare industry by providing an added feature to limit printing of physical copies of clinical images.

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